Mobile Camps on the move

Mobile Camps

A mobile camp solution designed for rapid deployment in almost any location while significantly improving operational costs.

We have developed a fully self-sufficient mobile camp solution that can be up and running within 2 hours.

The mobile trailer solution has been designed and built in Australia from local content. It has been designed specifically for rapid deployment in rural and regional locations and is ideal for the oil and gas and mining industries as well as in rapid-response emergency situations.

Toll is able to provide a complete camp solution, from the infrastructure through to managing mobilisations and demobilisations, camp management and maintenance, as well as providing 24/7 resident support and complete supply chain management.

Our Mobile Camps comprise a series of mobile accommodation trailers in a range of configurations, kitchen and dining hall trailers, utility units, mobile sewerage treatment plants and generator and operational units.

Our Mobile Camps

In situ: A 36-Man mobile camp set up for an expoloration project in Queensland.
In situ: A 36-Man mobile camp set up for an exploration project in Queensland
Living quarters: Single room configuration
Living quarters: Single room configuration
Living quarters: A two-person room configuration
Living quarters: A two-person room configuration
Living quarters: Mobile kitchen and dining area
Living quarters: Mobile kitchen and dining area
Living quarters: Professionally-designed commercial kitchen
Living quarters: Professionally designed commercial kitchen
Utility unity: The camp laundry with three dryer and washer combinations
Utility unit: The camp laundry with three dryer and washer combinations
The generator room: The camp is AS300 and AS3001 compliant
The generator room: The camp is AS300 and AS3001 compliant
Outside: The sewerage treatment plant
Outside: The sewerage treatment plant
In situ: A mobile camp configuration
In situ: A mobile camp configuration
Camp Infrastructure

Accommodation units
Designed in a range of configurations and for 24/7 operations, each trailer can accommodate either 4 individual rooms or 4 twin-share rooms. Each accommodation block also contains shared en-suites (one for every two rooms).

Room features include: storage facilities, desks, air conditioning, fridge, LAN and wifi capabilities, an LCD TV & DVD players.

Kitchen and dining hall units
The kitchen and dining hall trailers have been designed to meet the highest health and safety requirements, including non-slip floors, fire alarms and water sterilisation.

The dining room has interior seating capacity for 16 people with an extendable awning. The unit comes complete with a large screen television mounted to the side of the unit with alfresco seating for an additional 24 people.

Utility unit
As well as staff accommodation, the utility unit houses a commercial laundry, storage room satellite and a network server for camp-wide internet access.

Meeting Room / Office trailer

The meeting room / office trailer provides a large boardroom-style table with project, desks, small kitchenette and bathrooms.

Generator Trailer
The generator trailer has space for up to four fully silenced and redundant generator systems that are extremely fuel efficient, and has electrical isolation. The camp is AS:3000 and AS:3001 compliant, with the connecting leads being fully shielded with self-isolating plugs.

Sewerage treatment plant (STP)
Utilising an STP can significantly reduce your camp’s operating costs, as the treatment plant is capable of producing clear effluent, certified for use in watering gardens or for dust suppression.

The sewerage holding tanks are fitted with high-level alarms and sewerage macerating pumps.

The unit can also store treated effluent for removal from the site, if required.

Camp Services

Managing a remote camp can be difficult: from the logistics involved in mobilising a camp, to the resupplying of food, water and fuel in remote locations, to managing and training the staff involved in maintaining the camp.

As an experienced camp operator in remote and regional locations, Toll understands how to enable cost efficiencies and reduce risks.

Toll is able to provide a complete mobile camp service offering by integrating our established logistics network and camp experience to enable your organisation to focus on its core operations.

Our camp staff are extensively trained to provide support to camp residents and to maintain the camp infrastructure.

The services we provide include:

  • procurement & Remote Logistics Support
  • management and maintenance of Sewerage & Water Treatment Plant
  • rapid camp mobilisation & de-mobilisation
  • management of IT & communications
  • site maintenance
  • check in/out residents
  • catering (breakfast, crib, dinner) - HACCP certified
  • first aid services
  • housekeeping
  • cleaning
  • laundry

Benefits of Toll’s Mobile Camps

  • Improved safety  the trailers are designed to meet the highest safety standards with the need for overhead lifting and working from height eliminated from the design.
  • Reduced environmental impact  no site levelling or in-ground pipework is required for set up.
  • No capital expenditure  camps can be hired out when required, without the capital expense.
  • Improved project timeframes  the camp can be fully mobilised within 2 hours using plug-and-play capabilities. Being fully self-sufficient, there is no requirement for town water, sewerage or power; greatly reducing regulatory approval requirements.
  • Improved operational costs  relocations, mobilisation and de-mobilisation costs are significantly lower due to the reduction of specialist equipment such as cranes onsite.
  • Camps are made from local content – the mobile camp solution has been built in Australia using materials and equipment sourced locally.

For more information download the Toll Mobile Camp Capability Brochure and contact us to discuss cost savings associated with our mobile camp solutions.