Vessel Charter

We offer a broad range of vessels for charter with flexible chartering options.

As experts in marine logistics across the Asia Pacific region, we own and operate our own fleet of vessels. To support the unique logistics needs of our customers, our fleet has been customised and engineered for efficient and cost effective operations. A selection our vessels is available for external charter.

We’ve chartered our vessels to customers for every purpose from point-to-point load and discharge to transhipment of cargo via a mix of vessel types.  

We offer a flexible range of charter types including bare boat, time charter and Contract of Affreightment (CoA). So no matter where you are, or why you need a vessel, talk to us about your vessel chartering needs.

Vessels available for charter include:

  • conventional tugs and barges with shallow drafts that allow manoeuvring in shallow depths
  • self-discharging barges
  • self-propelled barges
  • highly manoeuvrable landing craft that allow loading and unloading without a wharf
  • floating cranes

We’re able to draw on our marine engineering capabilities to custom-build a charter vessel for a customer’s specific purpose.

Where we operate

We offer vessel chartering services across Asia Pacific.