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Return Logistics

While returns may be an unavoidable part of any supply chain, our return logistics services can make the process simple and efficient – allowing your customers to return goods for repair, replacement or recycling with ease.

We can support your returns management process with a range of transport and logistics services – moving your goods from the final point of delivery back through the supply chain so that they may be replaced, redistributed or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

We provide end-to-end return logistics services, either as part of an integrated solution or as a stand-alone service outside your normal supply chain operations.

Our return logistics solutions are based around the fast, cost-effective collection and return of goods – reducing the time it takes for returned items to re-enter your supply chain in order to maximise recovery rates and improve customer retention.

Our return logistics services

The needs of your business and your customers will determine the particular logistics services required to support your returns process. We offer a range of core and value-add solutions including:

  • processing customer returns that don’t require redelivery
  • handling undeliverable items – including the provision of comprehensive reporting, and redelivery services to the intended address
  • warehousing/storage for returned items
  • managing servicing/repairs for items to be resent
  • overseeing end-of-life processing and recycling for goods or materials
  • fulfilment services, complemented by consolidation and deconsolidation, and pick and pack offerings
  • redelivery of items that require repairs, replacement or delivery to an alternative address

We can provide return logistics solutions for freight of almost any size, configuration and type – contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

Why choose Toll for your return logistics services?

Our extensive experience providing freight transport services to customers within a diverse range of industries enables us to deliver tailored logistics services that best suit your requirements.

An effective returns management process backed by reliable logistics has the potential to:

  • increase profit margins
  • improve customer relations
  • assist your business to comply with government regulations (particularly regarding recalls and environmental legislation for responsible recycling)
  • enable your business to establish and support end-of-life product and material recycling initiatives
  • assist your business to avoid risks and potential liabilities

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