Upgrading our screening operations to improve aviation security

What legislation changes are occurring?

The Australian Federal Government has recently announced a range of measures to strengthen aviation security in Australia. From 30 June 2020, all parcels travelling by air from several major capital cities will need to be screened at piece level.


What Toll services are going to be screened at piece level?

All Toll services travelling by air from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will be screened at piece level.


Do I need to change the way I provide my freight to Toll?

No changes are required. Your freight can continue to be presented to Toll as per normal.


How is Toll going to screen the freight?

To comply with the new screening requirements, Toll is upgrading from being an Accredited Air Cargo Agent (AACA) to a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA). All staff screening the freight will be trained in line with the federal legislation.


What if my shipment cannot be x-rayed?

Some products such as live animals, some biological specimens and some pharmaceutical products cannot be x-rayed, and we will not x-ray these items. These items will be subjected to explosive trace detection tests.


Will this impact the transit time of my freight?

Toll will be upgrading our network and technology to comply with the new regulations covering piece-level screening. We do not anticipate any significant impacts to the transit time of your freight. As always, you can track the status of your freight at www.MyToll.com  


What fees will I have to pay?

Due to the costs associated with upgrading our aviation security measures to the regulated government standard, we will be reviewing our security surcharges. We will inform our customers of any increases to our security surcharges later in 2020.


How do I find out more?

Visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more information


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