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Sensitive Freight

Whether it’s highly sensitive medical or electronic equipment or a fragile sculpture made of ash, moving delicate and valuable items takes careful planning, specialised expertise and the right equipment.

Toll has considerable expertise in providing sensitive freight solutions to a broad range of customers.  Our dedicated team of sensitive freight specialists understands the unique requirements of moving highly fragile items such as sensitive electronic and medical equipment. We use specialised vehicles and customised packaging to ensure your fragile items are fully protected during transportation.

Our sensitive freight solutions

We consult closely with our customers to understand their specific sensitive freight needs and provide a customised solution. Depending on your requirements, our sensitive freight services can include:

  • assistance with planning all the logistics associated with moving your sensitive freight
  • site surveys of proposed delivery areas
  • trained personnel to assist with decommissioning and commissioning equipment
  • specialised packing services specifically for delicate items
  • specialised vehicles for the movement of sensitive freight
  • removal and disposal of packaging and any obsolete equipment

Sensitive freight across sectors

We provide sensitive freight solutions to a broad range of customers across a number of sectors:

  • Healthcare – we move everything from medical equipment like ultrasound machines for hospitals and medical clinics to large microscopes and other highly sensitive equipment for university and hospital research laboratories.
  • Information, Communications & Technology – we specialise in the movement of high value sensitive electronic equipment for IT customers. Our expertise includes the relocation of data centre equipment, which can be done after business hours to minimise disruption to your business. We can also remove any equipment that is no longer required.  
  • Retail – we deliver, remove and store free-standing ATMs as part of our sensitive freight service. We also specialise in delivering exhibition and store display cases for retail customers.
  • Art & Antiquities – we work with museums, galleries, auction houses and private collectors around the world to manage the safe movement and delivery of valuable artworks and antiquities.
  • Events & Exhibitions – drawing on our sensitive freight capabilities and global networks, we provide reliable freight solutions and specialised exhibition logistics for events worldwide.

To learn more about the full range of Toll’s specialised freight services – including dangerous goods, animal and pet transport, art and antiquities, highly monitored freight and valuable cargo – visit our Specialised Freight Services page.

Where we operate

We offer our specialised sensitive freight services throughout Australia.

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