Global Standard Delivery Services by Toll


Our low-cost solution for eCommerce deliveries

If you need low cost eCommerce deliveries to major global traffic lanes within 8-10 days then our standard service is just right for your needs.


For consumer delivery parcels, palletised parcel consolidations, exports and imports – our global standard delivery service is the perfect choice, enabling access to Toll’s extensive global network, operational know-how and friendly customer service.

eCommerce imports are a key feature of our standard service. As a global partner, Toll can support your international eCommerce sales and deliver exceptional experiences for your customers. We use our global parcels network in key international hubs to make your deliveries into Australia and New Zealand easier, more cost effective and seamless.

It’s simple:

  • you choose from a range of time-defined services and delivery options
  • you have access to online shipping tools
  • we can provide collection services or receive goods from you in your local market
  • we consolidate, optimise carrier schedules, ship and manage clearance for your orders through one of our key gateway ports in Australia and New Zealand
  • we break down the freight consolidation into parcels and deliver your orders directly to your Australian customer
  • we also provide your New Zealand consumers with connecting parcel delivery
  • in transit you and your customer will receive regular SMS notifications so you have full visibility of your orders
  • our collection point network is Australia’s largest and with extended opening hours
To arrange your Standard delivery
In Australia, call 13 15 31
Email us for worldwide enquiries