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Your mental health matters

While physical safety is an obsession for us at Toll, we’re just as focused on our people’s mental wellbeing. Company-wide we’re committed to raising awareness, deepening understanding and taking action around mental health and wellbeing. We achieve this through a range of programs and measures that all Toll employees can benefit from globally.

Toll Wellbeing Program

Our Wellbeing Program provides broad international support for employees and their families when and where they need it. Our wellbeing team is based in Australia, with support available everywhere Toll’s offices and sites operate. We provide essential one-on-one support not only for individuals but also for teams and entire workplaces.

Chaplaincy & EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

As a component of the Wellbeing Program, Toll offers the internal Workplace Chaplaincy and  Employee Support as well as the external Employee Assistance Program.  There are also a range of on-line resources available through the Wellbeing Program and the EAP.  

Mental health awareness and Mental Health First Aid Training training

Around the world, mental health is becoming much more visible as an issue, and at Toll we see this awareness as a positive. Through our network, we’re offering Mental Health First Aid training and  familiarising our people with mental health issues and treatment through a range of programs which include general mental health and wellbeing, stress management, alcohol awareness and more. These are facilitated on-line and on-site.

Partnering with mental health supporters

Toll recognises that mental health is an industry and community wide issue which is why we support, partner and gain insights and education from many sources. These include industry-specific groups such as Healthy Heads In Trucks and Sheds and Steering Health Minds which are focused on the transport and logistics community, as well as MHFA,  RUOK and Movember. Globally our group recognise and participate in WHO Mental Health Awareness Month and other international awareness dates.