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How we hire

Toll Recruitment Process

Are you applying for a role with us and would love some tips? Our recruitment process can vary depending on the role you’re applying for, but here’s some helpful FAQs, tips and hints to guide your preparations. We want your interview and application to stand out. Importantly, remember to be yourself.


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Should I expect one interview or two?

The number of interviews is determined by our hiring managers. Typically you’ll have an initial chat with a recruiter over the phone first and then have one or two, face-to-face interviews (via Zoom or in-person).

I have a face-to-face interview coming up. How many people will interview me?

For most of our roles, you’ll be interviewed by the hiring manager and your recruiter. If the position is senior, you may also be asked to meet with the hiring manager’s leader or other senior leaders who you are likely to work closely with if you’re successful.

If I’m unsuccessful will I be told, or does only the hired candidate find out?

We’ll always tell you how you went. At Toll, we adhere to responsible, professional hiring processes. That means all our applicants are treated respectfully. We appreciate you taking the time to prepare your CV or take an interview with us. Whatever the outcome, we’ll be in touch about your application.

What is a cognitive assessment?

We use cognitive assessments to get an insight into your general thinking and reasoning abilities. If this is required for the role you’ve applied for, we’ll let you know in the recruitment process.

When do I receive a contract?

If you’re successful, you’ll receive a verbal offer first – exciting! After acceptance and any required background/medical checks, a contract will be prepared specific to your position and sent to you for review and signing.

What training and development opportunities will be provided for me?

We have a range of training and development opportunities tailored to our peoples’ level and experience. We also have a strong culture of mentoring and on-the-job coaching to support development. 

Why is Toll such a great place to work?

There are many reasons! We are particularly proud of our friendly and supportive culture, the challenging and meaningful nature of the work we do and being part of such a progressive and innovative industry.

What is the culture like at Toll?

Our people are friendly and colleagues and managers are supportive. We take pride in working together to succeed and going above and beyond for our customers. Hear from our colleagues here (link to meet our people page)

Do you provide flexible working arrangements?

Leaders at Toll aim to provide flexible working conditions wherever possible. As a group, we're also continually reviewing our flexible working options to offer arrangements that suit our employees.

Can I send you my CV directly or by post?

All applicants must apply via our website. It enables us to track and monitor the progress of the vacancy and you as a candidate. You’ll also have the opportunity to review our data protection and privacy terms and conditions, which you will need to be accept in our online system before we can progress with your application.

Why do I have to complete a medical check?

Depending on the role you have applied for, a medical check forms part of our recruitment pre-screening process to ensure the safety of our employees. 

I have been invited to an assessment centre. What is that?

Congratulations on your selection! We use assessment centre methods when recruiting for a large volume of similar roles, such as graduates. It is designed to assess the various competencies and behaviours we look for in future employees and gives you an opportunity to meet with the relevant hiring managers. Enjoy the day and good luck.

What does pre-employment screening involve?

Toll conducts pre-employment screening checks to make informed decisions about the people we hire. This forms part of our commitment to being a responsible employer. The checks required are determined by the role and location and can include identity, eligibility to work, qualifications, references, credit, and criminal records and a medical. For information on how your personal data will be collected please refer to our privacy statement available on our website.

Do I need to undertake a drug and alcohol assessment to get a job at Toll?

At Toll we are safety obsessed and undertake drug and alcohol testing for certain roles to keep our people safe.

If I have a working holiday visa can I apply for a job at Toll?

You must have the appropriate visa that allows you to work in the country for the role you are applying for.

Do you sponsor international candidates?

We do occasionally sponsor international candidates for certain roles. Please speak to the recruiter who is looking after the role you are interested in to see if you are eligible.

I am on a bridging visa, can I apply for a job?

You must have working rights associated with your visa in order to be considered for employment opportunities. 

Will Toll take over my 457 visa from another employer?

We do occasionally take over 457 visa sponsorships. Please speak to the recruiter looking after the role you are interested in to check your eligibility.

Hints and tips

1. Phone interviews

Every call differs but it’s ideal that if you are expecting a call that your phone is on and you are prepared to answer general questions about your application. These calls are about getting to know you and to understand if you’re a good fit for the role. You may be asked questions about why you’re applying, your interest in Toll, details about your work history as well as some technical questions. These calls are completed before you progress to a meeting with the hiring manager. 

2. Hiring manager interviews

Whether you’re invited to a face-to-face or virtual interview with the hiring manager, make sure you re-read the job ad to get a clear understanding of the role. Think about your responses to potential questions relating to your experience, technical knowledge, personal values or why you’d like to join Toll. Think about what you’d like to ask us too. We want a great fit both ways.

3. Preparing for a 2nd interview

2nd interviews can be more informal as they’re primarily focused on getting to know you better and understanding how you might work with others in your team. You might also meet with more of our people who’ll be working closely with you if you’re successful. Remain prepared, presentable, well-rested and ready to answer additional questions or clarify information from your previous interviews.

Accessibility and adjustments

Toll is an equal opportunity workplace. Should you have special needs for any part of your application or recruitment process please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you or provide advice on the reasonable adjustments we can make for any assessments.