Secure workspace

Secure Workspace

Real-time collaboration for information sharing and document creation without compromising on data security.

When you need to share and collaborate effectively on sensitive information, date security is essential. Secure Workspace offers file sharing, online document editing and PDF annotation and can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, supporting flexible collaboration from multiple locations.

Within the Secure Workplace environment, you can:

  • securely share files and work collaboratively on joint projects, protected by sophisticated encryption and user permission management
  • track changes and enable version control to maintain full visibility and control over all edits made
  • upload or create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations with both colleagues and approved external users
  • markup, comment and collaborate on PDF documents
  • assign permissions for individual users to access, edit and share information
  • maintain full control over all data and documents, regardless of collaboration requirements
  • add or remove users from the Secure Workspace throughout the project lifecycle
  • assign read-only and rights management control
  • retrieve detailed auditing and reporting, including the dates and times that users access, download, upload and annotate files

Who uses Secure Workspace?

Healthcare service providers – securely share and collaborate on sensitive information while ensuring adherence to security standards and legislation for the protection of patient data.

Professional service providers – send case files by encrypted email or share within a secure environment. You can also expire third party access to case files and project documents once completed.

Financial service providers – financial institutions including banks can send sensitive information securely through Secure Digital Exchange while reducing risk of employees causing accidental breaches of data integrity. Enhance your digital information security by protecting shared information both internally and externally.

Utilities – Easy to use encryption for energy, gas and water providers. Secure Digital Exchange allows for the maintenance of data security compliance.

Government – Secure Digital Exchange allows for the protection of sensitive information in line with government standards while delivering improved and efficient ways of multi-agency working.

Why choose Toll for your data security?

Toll is driven to deliver exceptional services to its customers, constantly evolving its service offering to match customer and market needs and has been doing so for over 127 years, via our transport and logistics services. We are always looking for ways to improve our customer offering whether we are moving freight or data, and with Secure Digital Exchange, our customers can now access data encryption services that enhance security.

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of data security services designed to protect all forms of internal and external electronic information – email, documents, web forms, and online collaboration workspaces – with complete lifecycle tracking in a completely secure environment.

Security of our customers’ data throughout the supply chain is integral to Toll’s service provision and Secure Digital Exchange, powered by Egress’ award winning platform, provides a solution that will protect our customers shared information throughout its lifecycle.

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Secure Digital Exchange provides a highly flexible and scalable data security platform, enabling enterprises, SMEs and even single users to protect the sensitive data they need to share. For SMEs and single users, you can click here to buy online.

If you require an enterprise solution, simply contact us  to have a representative guide you through your options.

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