Toll sponsors Amy Gillett A Metre Matters Campaign

Our Community Programs

As a global corporate citizen, we acknowledge the importance of actively supporting the communities in which we operate.

We also encourage and support our employees to become involved with local community organisations and activities. We’re proud of the countless hours our people across the globe contribute each year in undertaking volunteer work for a broad range of local initiatives.

Community programs that Toll supports include:

Road Safety

As the largest professional road user in Australia, it is a natural that we should play a role in helping to make our roads safer. That coupled with our core value of safety has seen us recently make road safety our focus for Group-wide corporate responsibility.

Toll is a major sponsor of the Amy Gillett Foundation, Australia’s leading cycling advocacy group, to promote road safety on our roads as well as the Toll Driver Reviver program, run by volunteers across Australia providing safe rest spots and refreshments to combat driver fatigue.

First Step

First Step is a multi disciplinary, not-for-profit medical clinic in St. Kilda.  For more than 15 years they have worked to help people overcome their dependence on drugs and alcohol.  They have built a reputation for compassion and excellence in clinical care, with wrap-around services that address the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of their patients.

The clinic is highly experienced in its treatment of patients with complex, coexisting addiction and mental health issues.  Their work extends beyond our St Kilda clinic to partnerships and collaborations with other respected medical institutions and community organisations.

The First Step approach to treatment for people suffering from addiction includes comprehensive assessment and care planning, based on diagnostic evidence and an understanding of the underlying causes of addiction.   In the hands of their highly experienced medical practitioners, regular assessments inform treatment options and develop a care strategy that reflects the individual needs of the patient.

First Step provides services free of charge to clients (through Medicare rebates).

In addition to the physical and mental medical care,  First Step also offers the First Step Legal Service (FSLS) in recognition of the fact that many of their patients also face legal issues that have the potential to significantly hamper their rehabilitation.  FSLS is also provided free of charge for patients who are actively engaged in rehabilitation with First Step.

Learn more about First Step

Second Step

The Second Step Program is designed to support employment opportunities for people whose employment prospects are limited as a result of a variety of marginalising social factors.

It works with community based partner programs to provide long term support for people making the transition into main stream employment.

Beginning in 2001, it has offered opportunities for employment for hundreds of individuals in Australia and overseas through a variety of supported and mentored employment positions. The majority of our Second Steppers are offered full time positions at the end of their initial 12 month supported placement, which is a testament to the success of the program.

To date, we’ve helped over 500 people get their lives back on track and maintain satisfying and rewarding employment.

Our hope is that our leading role in the Second Step initiative will encourage other organisations to support individuals dealing with what would otherwise be insurmountable problems.

For more information, please contact the Second Step team at [email protected]

Toll's Indigenous Engagement Program

Toll has worked with Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities over many years offering job and community development opportunities. More recently we developed a national approach. 

We seek to create an environment that welcomes people of all backgrounds, in particular, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We are doing this with a long term focus in line with our capacity to deliver quality outcomes in the current business climate. 

Toll is committed to:

  • Expand our knowledge and awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, traditions and culture through training and education.
  • Review our practices and procedures to ensure (where possible) that any barriers to opportunities are addressed.
  • Develop protocols and procedures for respectful engagement.
  • Introduce training and employment programs in select businesses, which build on the learnings from the pilot programs.
  • Provide procurement opportunities though our membership with Supply Nation, where applicable.
  • Offer sponsorship and in-kind support, where applicable.
  • Introduce the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employee Network.
  • Evaluate and report on the effect of our Reconciliation Action Plan and Indigenous engagement progress.
In-kind Support
We commonly draw on our logistics resources and capabilities to provide in-kind support that helps charities and community organisations to deliver their valuable services and programs. This can include anything from mobilising our network in times of crisis to provide support with emergency logistics to supplying movement of charitable goods free of charge. This type of support allows these organisations to direct their funds to their core work.

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