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Workplace Relocations

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support the seamless relocation of your workplace.

We understand that every workplace relocation has unique requirements – we will work with you to tailor a solution that meets your specific needs. No office relocation project is too large or small for us, and we can provide you with advice and support you need.

Our services range from end-to-end project management of your relocation, future office space planning to providing change communications support, asset management assistance and filing and storage advice. We also offer specialised movement of sensitive electronic and medical equipment.

Having delivered relocations services for a wide range of government and corporate organisations for almost 70 years. Our style of consultancy is personal, practical and proactive, and our effective management and thorough communication strategies are designed to ensure that your people are well informed, comfortable and committed to your move.

The range of workplace relocation services we offer include:

We offer end-to-end project management for your workplace relocation. Our qualified project managers apply our internationally recognised project methodology (QA ISO 9001 2008) to ensure your relocation is  executed on time, within budget, with strategies to mitigate risks ensuring continuity of your business throughout the process.

We develop specific documentation for your project including:

  • risk identification and mitigation
  • communication strategies
  • a master schedule of all related activities
  • cost management for the project
  • security planning
  • OH&S and environmental plans
  • compliance

Our project managers will manage procurement of all services for all identified third party activities. We will prepare and manage your request from tender (RFT) process, providing you with the full tender results and an assessment report with weighting matrix and final recommendations.  We will also draft and manage all contracts on behalf of your organisation for the project services thereby minimising risk to you.

In addition to project managing your workplace relocation, we can help you establish a relocation database to assist you with your blocking and stacking.

We can help you identify, plan for and manage your filing and storage needs, whether for an existing fit out or in preparation for a relocation to new premises.

Our filing and storage consultancy services include:

  • undertaking an initial audit to document existing volumes and behaviours and providing recommendations on how your organisation can improve its current filing and storage practices
  • providing you with an implementation schedule that gives step-by-step direction on how to address each of the recommendations made in our audit. We can help you implement these recommendations by either managing them for you, sponsoring them or advising you on the best way to manage them internally
  • assisting you to implement campaigns to address specific initiatives identified during the audit, such as an archiving or clean-up campaign
  • providing you with a gap assessment showing the gap of current findings of volumes in each business unit against the future entitlements for each business unit
  • providing a storage specification that identifies the types of storage and the volumes of storage required by each business unit

We offer specialist change communications services to support your workplace relocation and ensure a positive change experience. Our change communication services and products assist with creating a positive team culture, encouraging the engagement of staff to enhance the business change experience.

We can work alongside your internal change manager and/or communications team to assist with this process to ensure that your people are equipped for their transition.  We will provide you with the tools to assist in managing your business change step by step, to ensure milestones are achieved on time and within budget.

We offer a range of specialist facilities coordination services that be tailored to your specific business needs, whether in the lead up to a relocation or on a permanent contract basis.

Our core facilities coordination services include:

  • coordination of your facilities management team in preparation for your relocation
  • acting as an in-house facilities coordinator, responsible for everything relating to the facility
  • building readiness for your occupation
  • provision of a Relocation Help Desk, ensuring agreed service levels and timeframes are met

An occupancy review can identify the opportunity to achieve space gains  for o additional seating/operational requirements for staff.

 Our occupancy review service will include :

  • identifying ineffective or underutilised floor space and work space
  •  proposing reconfiguration options for expansion whilst maintaining current floor  space effectiveness
  • rationalising duplicated egress paths
  • identifying work practices and change management options to support space gains, such as filing and storage practices

Our asset management consultancy service is designed to help our customers understand the nature, volume and value of their assets. We provide advice on how to best manage and/or dispose of your assets by providing an asset auditing service or an asset disposal service.

We can tailor an overall asset strategy in keeping with your requirements. This may be an asset valuation with actual current values to assist in your make good or lease negotiations, or a disposal strategy to optimise your return on your assets. We can also conduct an audit of your assets by location and compile an asset register. The asset register compiles detailed information on each item and can assist with your best-fit asset disposal strategy to create valuations, negotiate with landlords and identify items for reuse or for charitable donations.

Our dedicated team of sensitive freight specialists understand the unique requirements of moving highly fragile items such as sensitive electronic and medical equipment. With specialised vehicles,  customised packaging we  ensure your fragile items are protected during transportation

Our sensitive freight services include:

  • relocation of sensitive electronic and medical equipment within your existing office or to a new external location
  • project management assistance in planning and set up of new sites requiring sensitive electronic and medical equipment
  • data and medical centre relocation
  • a full packaging service for delicate equipment, using shrink wrap, bubble wrap and customised anti-static padded coverings


Where we operate

We offer comprehensive workplace relocation project management and consultancy services within Australia and New Zealand.