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a truly amazing customer experience everyday.

Where safety is paramount and employees are inspired every day.

We are investing in a single, comprehensive, multi-million dollar safety program across the whole of Toll. Our goal is: Zero injuries, zero exceptions.



This is our commitment

we have listened to over



in the last year

We are passionate about logistics - that's why we are looking to attract the best and brightest in the field and create a place where our people can forge rewarding careers.

Think of us as a one stop shop.

We're uniting our business into a single business entity. Offering our customers a seamless experience of our services.

Global Express Services

The confident choice for on time, in full deliveries. Just give us a time and a place.

Global Logistics

Delivering an end to end or part logistics solution for customers of any size.

Global Forwarding

Tell us where you need it. We take our customers to their markets anywhere in the world.

We are investing in a brighter future. We have committed to upwards of $1 billion into new fleet, facilities and programs, including:
  • A$413 million investment in technology over the next three years
  • A$210 million in Toll City - a global future-ready facility in Singapore
  • A$73 million in fuel efficient and safe fleet
  • A global graduate program
We're making a commitment to you. We will be more agile, more responsive and more efficient.

We will ensure exemplary safety standards and create a great culture for our people.

We will continue to listen, to adapt and to strive to be the best. We're creating a Toll for the future.

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