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Toll Shipping

Toll Shipping provides the most comprehensive shipping service between Tasmania and mainland Australia. Our twin purpose-built roll on/roll off (RORO) vessels sail six days a week.

Our dedicated terminals at Melbourne’s Webb Dock and McGaw Wharf in Burnie utilise cutting edge RORO cargo handling technology to efficiently handle all cargo types.

We’re also able to provide full logistics support and intermodal mainland freight via the Toll network.  

Where we operate

Toll Shipping vessels operate between Burnie, Tasmania and Melbourne, Victoria. We offer supporting mainland logistics services and connections via Toll’s network.

Toll Shipping Overview

Our shipping services are backed by the wider Toll network so we can offer our customers full logisitics solutions and intermodal mainland freight.

Toll Shipping Sailing Schedule

Toll Shipping offers the most comprehensive roll on/roll off shipping service on Bass Strait.

Toll Shipping Terminal Operating Hours

Toll Shipping terminal operating hours and contact details.

Forms and General Information

Download forms and access general information on Toll Shipping services.

Contact Us

Toll Shipping Melbourne Office

T1300 865 265

+61 3 9299 8400

F+61 3 9299 8431

108 Webb Dock Drive
PO Box 420
Port Melbourne   VIC   3207

Toll Shipping Burnie Office

T+61 3 6441 0000

F+61 3 6441 0055

McGaw Wharf
PO Box 1035
Burnie   TAS   7320