Toll Remote Logistics

Providing integrated logistics solutions in some of the toughest locations on earth.

Toll Remote Logistics delivers integrated logistics solutions in some of the most isolated and challenging locations in the world.  

We’re highly experienced in supporting the execution of emerging and developing resource, defence and government supply chains. Our experience in overcoming the challenges of geography and socio-political instability coupled with our global logistics networks means that we can provide you with comprehensive logistic solutions that enable you to focus your core operations - no matter where they are.

So whether you need a temporary camp to support your resource exploration, an emergency supply chain established, a fuel distribution solution in a remote area or you’re looking for an aviation solution in a location without infrastructure, talk to us.

Camp & Base Support Services

We specialise in providing camp and base logistics solutions in remote locations and emerging markets.

Our camp and base support services include:

Camp Infrastructure - we provide infrastructure solutions for permanent, temporary and mobile camps.

Camp Services - we can deliver and manage all the required support services for your camp including catering, medical services, supply chain management and fleet management.

Base Operations Support - we provide complete garrison support solutions for bases in remote and regional locations.

Logistics Management Services

One of our key strengths is our ability to create effective solutions in locations and situations that lack facilities or infrastructure.

Our logistics management services include:

Rapid Response Logistics - we help establish emergency supply chains and manage the movement of aid and essential supplies in disaster and emergency situations. We also provide emergency and aeromedical evacuation (AME) services.

Movement Control - we manage the movement of peacekeeping personnel and equipment between locations worldwide.

Fuel Infrastructure - we provide turnkey fuel supply and distribution solutions in some of the toughest locations on earth.

Vessel Husbandry - from small vessels to aircraft carriers, we can support any defence vessel in any port in the world.

Quarantine Cleaning - we’ll ensure your vehicles, stores and equipment comply with Australia’s quarantine requirements.

Logistics Consultancy - we provide logistics advice to commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations around the world, from worldwide movement control and supply chain optimisation to feasibility studies. We can also provide operational oversight.

Aviation Services

We can create a remote aviation solution for you, regardless of the scale or location of your aviation requirements. We currently provide aviation services for the Australian Federal Government, Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force, BHP, Mitsubishi Alliance and Roma Regional Council.

Our aviation services include:

Airport Management- we provide complete airport management and operations services. We currently manage Christmas and Cocos Island, Moranbah, Blackwater and Dysart airports.

Airport Ground Handling, Cargo Handling and Passenger Handling - we’re able to provide stand-alone ground handling, cargo handling and passenger services in locations that lack facilities or infrastructure.

Airport Security - we provide complete passenger and baggage security services at a number of regional airports in Australia.

Helicopter Services - our services range from general passenger charters to specialised missions, aeromedical evacuations, night vision operations, search and rescue and airlift of equipment.

Aircraft Charter - we can provide fixed & rotary wing air charters services.

Download further information about our services

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We have proud history of providing logistic support solutions to maritime and remote customers around the world.

Historically, our focus has been on defence logistics. However, over recent years Toll Remote Logistics has diversified into other markets. We now cater to any organisations operating in remote locations including international aid organisations, large construction companies and the mining and energy industries.

Sectors we work with include:

Toll Group is committed to delivering optimal logistics solutions for our customers. Part of this commitment is accrediting our services to relevant industry-based requirements wherever possible.

Toll Remote Logistics’ accreditations include:

  • ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Accreditation at all our sites
  • ISO 4801:2001 - Occupational Health & Safety accreditation at all our sites
  • ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental Management Systems Accreditation

We know that implementing logistics solutions can have far-reaching  impacts on local communities, so we adopt a partnership approach with the communities in which we operate.  

We aim to employ local skills and knowledge. We then provide training to ensure that our international quality standards are maintained. This training and the employment opportunities we create help to build the capacity of the local community and the local economy. In return we gain all-important local knowledge and loyal and committed local personnel who enable us to provide the highest quality service to our customers - a winning outcome all around.

Whether it is rebuilding an orphanage in Timor Leste, establishing safe community water supplies in Chad or transporting heart patients from Dili to Melbourne, our people are always looking for new ways in which they can help.

Read more about Toll Remote Logistics' community initiatives:

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