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Toll Priority Overview

Our broad range of services provides you the flexibility to confidently select a cost effective solution for your needs.

Door-to-door delivery services

  • Same Day - fast, premium solution for urgent parcels and documents that need to be picked up and delivered on the same business day to another capital city or region in Australia.
  • Overnight -shipments are delivered via Toll Priority’s unmatched air freighter network to most locations in the morning of the next business day.
  • After Hours & Weekends - offers the flexibility and convenience of pick ups and deliveries arranged outside normal business hours
  • Off Peak - competitively priced road express freight delivery
  • Scheduled - perfect for financial institutions, law firms and retail operations, our scheduled services, sometimes known as Permanent Recurring Services (PRS), have been designed to regularly exchange internal courier bags, envelopes and other products from one location to another
  • Specialised - Toll Priority continues to create new and specialised services for customers and subsequently develop these into products such as dangerous goods, reverse logistics, time and temperature sensitive, highly monitored freight, and secure Hand-to-Hand services.
  • Global- document and parcel express and economy international services to over 220 countries and territories supported by competitive transit times, online tracking and proof of delivery.

Documents and mail

  • DX Mail - a cost effective and secure alternative for managing your mail within Australia and overseas.
  • Imaging and document management - managing business information through document management, digital imaging, data capture and digital mailroom services.
  • Mailroom - on-site or off-site mailroom solutions.

Aircraft services

  • Air Charter - wherever you need to go and whatever you need to move, our specialised team will deliver a cost-effective, reliable aircraft charter solution.
  • Airport to airport freight - expertise in services for freight consolidators and forwarders, domestic and international linehaul shippers, international airlines. These include next available flight, valuable cargo, dangerous goods, perishable cargo, overnight express, animal and pet transport, and aircraft on ground.
  • Engineering & Maintenance- we provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services at our Brisbane facility for a range of aircraft and operate an international Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service for time-critical delivery of spare parts or materials for out of service aircraft.

Airport Services

  • Cargo terminal operations - we operate cargo handling centres at each of Australia's capital city airports, with facilities designed to safely and efficiently handle all types of cargo - from outsized machinery through to small, valuable consignments.
  • Ground Handling Services- with ground handling at all major Australian international airports for any aircraft type - passenger or cargo, our specially trained staff will manage safe and efficient ground handling for your airline.

Technical services

  • Equipment installation and swapouts - trusted, reliable technology maintenance, upgrades and dedicated onsite service ensure minimal disruptions to your business. Our job management system tracks and manages logistics data such as serial number control, stock management and KPI reporting.
  • Critical stockholding locations -  our multiple stock holding locations in capital cities and regional locations provide you with fast response times to time-critical and spare part distribution needs.
  • eCycling - recycling, repair and re-use of IT equipment
  • Design, Print management and promotional products - end-to-end print management services backed by logistics capability to deliver a complete integrated communications solution. Our services include, design, print management, promotional products and mail house management.

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