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About Toll NQX

We’re committed to delivering our services safely and sustainably, with respect for the communities we work in.

Toll NQX has a proud history of delivering innovative road and rail services to customers across Australia for more than 40 years.

As a leading player in the Australian freight industry, we take our responsibility for road safety, to the environment and to the communities we work in very seriously.

Toll NQX is an industry leader in workplace health and safety. With an unwavering approach to safety, speed and fatigue management, we do more than comply with the law and avoid penalties.

We’re highly proactive in taking action to try and prevent incidents and always seek to make our practises even safer. We maintain all injuries are preventable and that no task is so important that it can’t be done safely. Underpinning this is the Toll Group’s core belief that everyone has the right to go home safely, and that safety is everyone’s responsibility. We’re driven by a genuine care for the safety of our drivers, their families and the communities we travel through.

Our safety initiatives include:

Speed management

We’re vigilant when it comes to keeping our people and the communities they travel through safe. We know it takes a lot of concentration and skill to steer heavy vehicles over long distances. We also know that speed management is a critical factor here, so we’ve invested heavily in leading technology and equipment that will support our drivers in monitoring and managing their speed.

All of our vehicles are fitted with sophisticated electronic safety monitoring systems to record speed in real-time as well as GPS-enabled telematics that enable even the smallest over-speed incident to be instantly reported and managed.

In-vehicle cameras

In 2009 Toll NQX installed in-vehicle cameras in our prime mover fleet, allowing real time reporting of on-road incidents. These cameras capture events like sudden braking, harsh cornering, rough road surfaces or swerving. In addition to capturing audio recordings, they record a visual of the driver and the road ahead for eight seconds before an event and four seconds after, providing a 12-second snapshot of a near miss or incident. 

A third-party monitoring service analyses the footage and sends back by email any footage that may assist with safe driving analysis. The collected footage allows analysis and identification of trends that can be acted upon.

Industry participation and leadership

As leaders within the Australian freight industry, we believe our responsibility to foster road safety doesn’t stop with our own drivers. Road safety has to be an industry-wide concern.

To that end, we’re committed to working with the broader transport industry and government to drive road safety initiatives. Our commitments include: 

  • hosting industry safety events like the annual Transport Safety Showcase, an event that gives transport carriers and providers the opportunity to come together and share knowledge and ideas to help keep people safe
  • sharing our considerable road safety expertise and insights with other transport industry players through presentations and discussions like this webinar on heavy vehicle safety our General Manager presented in conjunction with the National Road Safety Partnership Program
  • partnering with Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide input on safety strategies, route improvements and Heavy Vehicle Traffic Inspector training
  • sitting on the Road Freight Industry Council’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Working Group

Finding solutions that improve service delivery for our customers while reducing the impact of our environmental footprint is an important part of Toll’s commitment to environmental sustainability. We see it as a core responsibility and we tackle it directly across our operations.

Toll NQX’s environmental initiatives include:

  • investing in state-of-the-art refrigerated units for its rail containers that not only allow remote monitoring and temperature control, but deliver optimal fuel efficiency through new ‘diesel direct electric’ architecture
  • strict fleet service schedules that aim to mimimise carbon emissions
  • a driver education program that focuses on the environmental impacts of driving techniques, with the aim of substantially impacting vehicle fuel economy and vehicle emissions
  • regularly investing in new equipment to improve fuel economy

We believe in supporting the communities in which we work. We employ people in the locales we work in, ensuring we are part of the part of the community, and we believe in building strong and lasting relationships within our communities.

Some of the community initiatives we’ve been involved in include:

  • participating in the Queensland Government’s GenR8 youth employment initiatives to provide high school students with employment pathways into the logistics and transport industry – read more
  • delivering clothing donations from across Australia for not-for-profit organisation Enterprise Learning Projects, whose aim to develop business opportunities for people living in remote Indigenous communities – read more
  • supporting Bravehearts, Australia’s leading child protection advocate, by ensuring the organisation’s printed material and merchandise items are distributed nationally. Toll NQX has been donating nationwide distribution services to Braveheart since 2008.
  • transporting a tonne of dry food from Brisbane to Cairns by road and rail a week for Anglicare in support of its Helping Hand Community Store – read more

As a Group, Toll is fully committed to delivering optimal logistics solutions for our customers. Part of this commitment is ensuring our services are certified to best-practice industry-based standards, where relevant.

In line with our commitment to safety, Toll NQX is accredited under Australia’s National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, a program that formally recognises operators who have robust safety and management systems in place.

We also hold TruckSafe accreditation, which requires independent verification that we have responsible work practices, well-maintained vehicles, trained drivers and appropriate business systems.

When working with our customers and sub-contractors we adhere to strict conditions of service. To read about our conditions, please download the pdfs below:

The Toll NQX surcharge for rail services to and from NT and WA is 10.09%. The surcharge for road services is 10.09%. Changes in fuel prices are monitored and the fuel charge will be varied as necessary when required.

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