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Industries we work with

The Consumer Sector

Our customers enjoy faster time to market, greater market penetration and access to new markets without incurring high start-up costs and greater economies of scale. Our distribution capabilities enable us to reach consumers across vast geographies.

Our services include:

  • promotional packaging
  • product recall management
  • product disposal
  • customisation
  • hospital logistics support
  • tracking of controlled drugs
  • storage of equipment, records and documents
  • vendor managed hub for raw materials
  • hub and spoke logistics
  • production feed logistics
  • procurement
  • temperature controlled storage
  • tracking of equipment usage
  • SCM consultancy


The Retail Sector

We offer tailored services to our customers to help improve their inventory-to-cash cycle, meet seasonal selling peak and ensure point of sale availability.

Our services include:

  • SCM consultancy/projects
  • distribution to retail outlets
  • overflows management
  • port splitting at overseas consolidation points
  • home delivery and installation
  • repackaging and labelling
  • distribution hub management
  • in-store replenishment
  • radio frequency identification (RFID)


Consumer Electronics

In a constantly evolving industry we pride ourselves at being able to adapt solutions that meet changing needs and ensure shorter time-to-market, reduced inventory holding and greater efficiency and visibility across the supply chain.

Our services include:

  • quality testing
  • product quality managment
  • reverse logistics - returns and repairs
  • home deliveries



The Industrial Sector

We customise our solutions to handle a diversity of industrial products from raw materials to  machinery, and that meet strict international Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) standards.

Our services include:


The Automotive Sector

Automotive - we provide core parts logistics solutions in supply chain strategy and design as well as warehouse, inventory and transport services management. We operate across Australia and Asia.

The Public Sector - since the 1980s we have been the partner of choice for various government agencies providing a wide-range of logistics services.

Our services include:

  • warehousing and inventory management and distribution
  • lead logistics provider for forwarding and overseas support
  • dangerous and hazardous goods management

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