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Toll offers a comprehensive set of solutions for eBusiness. Our Business to Business (B2B) offerings are driven through our powerful Toll Exchange environment providing the ability to interface to almost any customer system. Toll's Web based solutions provide access to Detailed Tracking Information as well as access to Proof of Delivery images. Some clients may prefer our range of 'desktop' software solutions which enable Consignment Note Entry and Label Printing.

Business to Business (B2B)

Toll Exchange is a feature rich, standards based platform that links key customers, partners and suppliers. Through Toll Exchange, Toll provides the platform to enable Business to Business (B2B) services to Toll Customers and trading partners. Toll Exchange gives a standard and consistent approach to electronic trading with Toll.
Toll Exchange provides powerful and rapid connections between Toll, Trading Partners and Customers. The Toll Exchange platform allows integration of existing ERP and EDI systems, legacy applications, databases and websites with those of customers and partners. The full integration capabilities of Toll Exchange guarantee secure, bi-directional messaging exchange between disparate applications and systems in use throughout business communities.

Read more about Toll Exchange PDF 28.5 KB.

Web-based solutions

Toll Online delivers powerful web based services designed to provide easy access to information and service to our clients. You can access some features of Toll Online without logging on, including Tracking, Pickups and Tariff Rates. However, if you are a Toll Customer and register for Toll Online, then you can access other features related to your account (where available).
These include:

  • proof of delivery/finance connote images
  • tracking with extended consignment detail
  • saved pick up details for fast pick up creation
  • view and download invoices on your accounts
  • an address book to save frequently used addresses

Desktop solutions

TollConnect has been providing our client base with a powerful set of desktop tools for a number of years. TollConnect is an automated PC based dispatch management and transmission system. the system provides all the functionality required by your dispatch department to enter consignments, print labels, Consignment Notes and Manifests, transmit consignment data, and provide detailed reporting.

TollConnect improves productivity by automating the process of creating consignment details, labels, barcodes, manifests, and other documentation, allowing your staff to prepare and despatch thousands of consignments per day. TollConnect removes paper from your transport system and facilitates improved track and trace.

Read more about Toll Connect PDF 25.7 KB.

Register for Toll Connect - Toll's customer freight management system. When registering, have your Toll Account details close by.

Toll Mobile

To date, many businesses within Toll are utilising the real-time mobile communications technology platform developed within Toll. This technology provides real-time access to data and information for Toll and its customer base utilising state of the art Mobile Data Terminals (such as PDAs) and communications networks.

Toll Priority, Toll Fast and Toll Tasmania are extensive users of Mobile technology and provide full pickup and delivery solutions to their respective customers via the Mobile Data Terminals. Toll North is preparing to embark on a full scale Mobile solution which will include all the Pick up, Despatch  and Delivery functions and add GPS (Global Positioning System) and VMI (Vehicle Management Information),  allowing full visibility to freight that is in transit.

Toll Mobile is an innovative platform available for use by our customers. Further information is available by emailing tollexchange@toll.com.au

For quick reference guides including reverse logistics guide, download from the list below

Quick reference guide for using Toll Online - Toll Online - Quick Reference Guide PDF 2.5 MB

Guide to using Toll Online for returns - Toll Online - Reverse Logistics PDF 362 KB

Guide to using Toll Online for thermal label printing (for Toll Express)  - Toll Online - Guide to Thermal Printing PDF 110.7 KB

Guide to using Toll Online for thermal label printing (for Toll NQX) - Toll Online - Thermal Label Printing NQX PDF 524.8 KB

How to create a Toll NQX connote - Toll NQX Consignment Note Tutorial PDF 1.6 MB

How to print consignment notes, labels and manifests (Toll NQX) -  Printing Online - Toll NQX Guide PDF 917.1 KB