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Providing state-of-the-art systems and services, when and where it matters.

Technology plays an important role in Toll’s commitment to continuous improvement. It enables us to improve our operations, to deliver transparent and responsive services and also helps accountability - all hallmarks of the Toll service offering.

We utilise leading technologies in our delivery, warehousing and consultancy operations - from track and trace through to radio frequency identification and inventory management software. We can also integrate our systems into our customers’, allowing for service transparency.

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Toll Online is our own, easily integrated freight processing tool. It provides access to extensive freight management data for precise and dependable tracking:

  • track and trace
  • POD (Proof of Delivery) data
  • pickup bookings
  • consignment entry with label and manifest printing
  • event and POD subscriptions
  • depot management and returns 
  • issue management
  • arrivals search 
  • transfers

We use item-level freight tracking, radio frequency identification (RFID) and mobile technologies, and other tools to ensure that your freight journey is completely transparent, more efficient, and easier to manage.

For customers who require the ability to track freight in their own systems, Toll has extensive experience in integration of event data into our customers’ business systems.

Our transport management systems incorporate a number of capabilities that support our customers including:

  • planned and actual consignment data capture
  • printing of compliant consignments and manifests
  • industry standard labeling
  • event capture and tracking
  • proof of delivery capture and retrieval
  • invoice reconciliation and reporting

For customers with more complex supply chain planning needs, we‘re able to design and implement a supply chain solution that is fully customised to their specific needs. These solutions can include:

  • lowest cost transport selection using complex rating algorithms
  • route optimisation
  • load optimisation and consolidation
  • supply chain event management
  • milestone monitoring
  • consolidated billing and payment services
  • management of non-Toll service providers

Our specialised warehouse management systems (WMS) provide solutions for small, medium and large scale operations. In addition to leading your WMS implementations, we will also review and assess your current warehousing operations to determine which system and process changes will optimise your warehouse efficiency.

As a standard, a Toll warehousing implementation will provide an end-to-end warehousing, including:

  • receiving, receipting and put-away according to customer business rules
  • Pick, Pack & Delivery to customer rules
  • break bulk services
  • item-level tracking throughout different locations and storage units
  • detailed labelling and license plates
  • serial shipping container code (SSCC) tracking
  • radio frequency enablement

For customers with highly complex warehousing requirements, our business can also work to gather requirements and business rules for the implementation of:

  • configurable workflow rules
  • automated exception management
  • responses to changes/issues with inventory availability
  • batch tracking and use-by management
  • serial number tracking
  • rules-based replenishment
  • multi-site implementations with consolidated inventory visibility

From business development, to implementation and systems support, Toll has the expertise and tools to help optimise your inventory.

Toll Inventory Capital Solutions (ICS) is a leading demand management and inventory optimisation tool that, together with our vendor inventory management tool, has improved our clients’ customer support capabilities and balance sheets.

Using a risk to service-based Advance Planning and Scheduling (APS) methodology and toolset, our specialist teams help clients with the issues of:

  • automated inventory replenishment
  • preservation
  • shelf-life management
  • quality assurance

As supply chain specialists, Toll embraces proven technology to optimise supply chain efficiencies and reduce wastage.

Our Military Asset Tracking System (ATS) is a next-generation supply chain management system that provides real-time asset visibility using a range of technologies including:

  • radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • mobile and wireless devices and networks
  • satellite communications
  • voice and data VHF/HF radios
  • secured GPRS and GPS

Our team combines these technologies in sector-specific solutions that facilitate agile supply chain operations across our global network.

Toll’s systems have extensive reporting capabilities to provide customers with access to valuable information concerning their account.

Through our reporting and business intelligence service we provide:

  • standardised operational reports, exported to PDF or Excel format
  • ad hoc reporting using data cubes
  • operational dashboards, including visual indicators of key performance areas