Moving delicate ash sculptures

Specialised Freight Services

We provide safe, secure transport services for a wide range of freight types – from dangerous goods to live animals and art collections, we have the accredited expertise to handle your specialised cargo.

If you need to move freight that requires specialised handling, transport and storage, it’s important to find a trusted logistics partner with the specific expertise required. Our teams have the expertise, specialised equipment and processes in place to provide end-to-end logistics solutions for a range of dangerous, valuable and highly monitored freight.

From the safe transport of live animals to the secure delivery of precious art collections to galleries around the world, we offer reliable freight services no matter your cargo type.

Dangerous Goods Freight

We transport all classes of dangerous goods across our global network, adhering to rigorous standards for dangerous goods transportation.

Animal & Pet Transport

Whether you are moving a pet interstate or a herd of sheep across continents, we can help.

Highly Monitored Freight

We employ industry-leading security systems and processes so when needed, we can carefully monitor your freight throughout its journey.

Art & Antiquities

We work with museums, galleries, auction houses and private art collectors around the world to ensure the safe delivery of art and antiquities.

Events & Exhibitions

We provide secure, reliable exhibition forwarding for over 180 international events every year.