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Secure systems, processes, facilities and services are a part of our logistics solutions.

Toll uses a robust approach to manage security risks, and protect its people, owned and managed assets, equipment, customer freight and confidential information.

Secure Facilities

With all the assets and goods that are transported and warehoused by Toll’s businesses, site security and management is paramount. We follow a defined set of standards that support our state-of-the-art digital security management systems.

Our site security risk assessment process embraces methodologies and best practices outlined in:

  • AS/ISO 31000
  • ISO 28000
  • ISO 28001
  • The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) security requirements.

Secure Processes

As part of the Group Security structure, Toll has a comprehensive Crisis and Emergency Management response process in place. 

We are committed to ensuring that we have trained personnel, systems and plans in place to assist the Group, Divisions and Businesses in providing a coordinated and professional response to any emergency situation and to minimise any impact on people, the environment and assets - real and intangible.

Secure Services

To ensure service security Toll employs a range of measures, from training and certifying on-ground personnel, to putting the right systems and plans in place across the business.

Secure Systems

Toll uses global systems to report, record and investigate all security incidents. These systems help us protect our customers and our people day in, day out. They also let us improve the security of our offerings and operations on a continuous basis.