Scanning & Imaging Services

We can rapidly transform your paper-based documents into streamlined electronic communications.

Our imaging service is designed to quickly eliminate the hassle and cost of managing your paper archives. We will collect your documents and files, scan them in our secure facilities and return them to you electronically, as an image. You’ll then be able to search for and retrieve them using index fields that we generate as part of the process.

We can bridge the gap between traditional paper-based documentation and electronic communication, carefully integrating these images into your document supply chain.

We’ll manage all activities from secure document collection to dispatch of the imaged product. And we undertake rigorous security checks to ensure your documents and files are kept secure and private at all times.

Our scanning & imaging services include:

  • multi-channel capture (web, email, fax and paper)
  • intelligent document scanning with mixed formats, sizes, orientation and colours (including bi-tonal)
  • archiving electronic documents into an indexed searchable database
  • Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) - automated data extraction
    • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) - registration of mark sense objects, for example bubbles, tick boxes
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - recognition of machine-printed text
    • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) - recognition of hand-written text
    • Barcode Recognition - recognition of many types of barcodes
  • Key From Image (KFI) data verification and data validation
  • Web Services Integration and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • audit reporting and tracking

 Why use Toll’s scanning & imaging services?

  • We’re highly experience in proving scanning and imaging services - we currently manage over 50 million documents per year including key finance and administration documents, customer applications, sales orders, registrations and surveys.
  • We use the latest high speed production scanners resulting in high quality images.
  • Using one vendor provides the end-to-end process with no middlemen or third parties.
  • Our service is secure and reliable with strict adherence to Toll Group security policies and procedures.
  • We use leading Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) technologies to automate document indexing.
  • We have imaging centres in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Our document imaging solution is cost-effective.
  • We provide comprehensive reporting and auditing of the job status.
  • You are covered by our disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Consult with one of our document supply chain experts - we’ll design a service for you that meets your document scanning and image archive goals.

Where we operate

We provide our scanning and imaging services to customers across Australia.