Toll supports clothing drive to support Jilkminggan Indigenous community

Toll helps not-for-profit go the extra mile to support remote Indigenous communities

Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports people living in remote Indigenous communities to explore, develop and grow their business ideas.

When it was overwhelmed by the community response to its recent clothing drive, ELP faced the unexpected problem of how to transport so many clothing donations from across the country to their required destination – ELP’s warehouse in Katherine, Northern Territory.

Enterprise Learning Projects Co-ordinator Tanya Egerton said the organisation was taken by surprise by the response to what was meant as a modest clothing drive held to support women’s business enterprises in the Northern Territory Indigenous community of Jilkminggan.

“We had no idea how we would get all these generously donated clothes from around Australia to our warehouse,” said Ms Egerton. “We were incredibly grateful when Toll agreed to pick them all up and deliver them to us.”

Drawing on Toll’s national road freight network, Toll Express and Toll NQX jointly stepped in to pick up the donated goods from nine locations across Australia and deliver them to ELP in Katherine.

Toll collected around 500 cartons of clothing from nine storage sheds in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Adelaide before using its regular direct road services from Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne to transport it all to Katherine.

Toll Express General Manager Larry O’Regan said that Toll was pleased to be given the opportunity to help.

“We have a clear commitment to help Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities to prosper and grow, so to be able to support initiatives like this even in a small way is important to us,” said Mr O’Regan.

ELP will establish pop-up op shops in the Katherine region with the donated clothes. These pop-ups will generate seed funds for new creative enterprises and provide the women of Jilkminggan with work opportunities and greater economic empowerment.

About Enterprise Learning Projects

Enterprise Learning Projects is a not-for-profit social enterprise that supports remote Aboriginal people who want to explore, develop and grow their business ideas. It offers practical learning in the early stages of business development and ongoing individualised support.

Established in 2010, ELP has been working steadily to build the capacity of remote residents to create new economic opportunities through the development of small and micro businesses. Learn more about ELP and its programs by visiting the Enterprise Learning Projects website.  

About Toll’s Indigenous engagement

Toll has a coordinated national approach to Indigenous engagement led by our Indigenous Engagement Steering Committee and implemented through our Reconciliation Action Plan, in order to  better acknowledge the role that first Australians play within its business, communities, suppliers, customers and the wider society. Learn more about our Indigenous Engagement Program by visiting our Community Programs page.

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