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Setting a new standard in aeromedical training

In 2016 Toll will open and operate one of the most advanced aeromedical training centres in the world at Bankstown Airport, Sydney; The Aeromedical Crewing Excellence Training (ACE) Centre.

No one helicopter mission is ever the same.  Search and rescue missions, and patient retrieval missions are complex and challenging so aircrew expertise and teamwork are central to safe helicopter flying and mission success.

From mid 2016, Toll will open and operate one of the most advanced aeromedical training centres in the world at Bankstown Airport, Sydney, supporting the critical rescue services Toll helicopters will provide

The new training facility will equip our helicopter pilots, aircrew and specialist medical personnel with a wide variety of world class, realistic training experiences at the one location.

The Aeromedical Crewing Excellence (ACE) Training Centre will ensure our helicopter crews on the NSW Ambulance areomedical retrieval contract are able to practice both the routine and technical skills necessary to help save lives quickly and safetly.

Toll will also provide world-class training opportunities for other helicopter operators at The Aeromedical Crewing Excellence (ACE) Training Centre

The Centre will house industry leading training equipment, supported by industry leading trainers and experts. The Centre will feature an AW139 Level D Full-Flight Motion Simulator, the most advanced civil helicopter simulator available and one of only eight in the world.

All aircrew will rehearse the techniques needed for mission success with the aid of the world-class equipment, including:

  • Level D AW139 full flight simulator - highest fidelity / most realistic simulator in civil aviation
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) simulator - the most advanced available in Australia
  • Complete Aircrew Training Simulator - with a fully equipped cabin able to be exposed to a variety of simulated weather conditions, such as rain, wind, dust and fog
  • Wet and dry winching simulators from AW139 representative cabin – for a variety of training scenarios, including patient retrieval and ditching into water

The ACE Training Centre will allow aircrews to rehearse high-risk drills under safe, conditions to ensure crews are ready to safely complete these tasks in real-life scenarios.

The training opportunities will also include innovative ‘human factors’ (non-technical) modules to focus on human decision making processes and teamwork that are critical to safe and successful missions.

Training at the Centre will also guarantee pilot and aircrew training hours. Often aircrew training within aircraft is compromised by operational priorities or impacted by unforeseen maintenance requirements or poor weather. Training at The Aeromedical Crewing Excellence Training Centre provides crews with certainty of training outcomes to ensure compliance with mandatory training requirements.

For more information, see the ACE Training Centre website. Enquiries and bookings are welcome now.

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