Toll facility, Dampier

Mining & Resources

Recognised as an industry specialist, we provide stand-alone and integrated services to the mining and resources sector across inbound, onsite services and outbound segments of the mining logistics chain. We also provide highly specialised logistics services that support mining and resource exploration and production in remote, challenging or emerging markets.

A marathon movement of oversized freight

We transported 350 tonnes of oversized infrastructure across Australia’s largest mountain range using specialised equipment and strategic planning.

Servicing the construction supply base on Barrow Island

In remote and sensitive locations, Toll provides a range of construction freight and logistics support services.

A gold standard in mine site freight delivery

Toll delivers a reliable and seamless supply chain solution to one of the world's largest gold producers.

Sharing our knowledge of cyanide transportation in Papua New Guinea

With a wealth of experience in cyanide transportation, Toll was invited to provide specialist knowledge to the Barrick mining company.

Engineering specialised high-discharge vessels to move coal in Indonesia

We provided specialised vessels to transport bulk freight coal from shallow river jetties to deep water ports in Indonesia.