Scale model of Toll facility


We are always looking for ways to do things better - how we go about achieving success is as important as the success itself.

From our own in-house research and development teams to the partnerships we’ve established with technical specialists in the industry, we work to find new ways of adapting and improving our technology, fleet, facilities and systems to generate a competitive advantage for our customers - helping to maximize efficiencies and reduce waste, while streamlining operations throughout their supply chains.

Creative customer solutions

We have decades of experience creating innovative, fully customised logistics solutions that:

  • cut costs
  • maximise efficiencies and reduce waste
  • streamline operations for our customers

Toll’s expert teams translate industry best practices into unique applications that leverage purpose-built vehicles, smart systems, and state-of-the-art technology to great commercial effect.

One example is our leading REAP Warehouse Execution System. This packaged solution, developed in-house, supports the cost-effective implementation of RFID (radio frequency identification) in warehousing logistics.

REAP provides a customisable, holistic suite of software, fixed and mobile devices, tags, data networks, system integration components and execution processes reducing the cost to customers of deploying RFID solutions for individual projects.

Productivity enhancements

The systematic nature of our industry, and Toll’s multi-modal offering, provide significant scope to improve the productivity of your business.

We combine our suite of customised tools with situation-specific innovations to help each customer get the most out of our partnership.

Procter & Gamble Singapore, for example, commissioned Toll to improve the productivity of their stock storage operation through an innovative online warehouse management system.

Our expert team tailored a customised, fully integrated system to suit the specific elements of the business, its warehousing sites and stock, and its delivery requirements. The solution successfully streamlined in-warehouse processes, and helped Procter & Gamble get more out of its existing resources.

Research and development

As well as conducting our own in-house research and development, Toll partners with leading innovators  to continually improve our service.

For example, we’re working with R&D firm Gastec to develop an engine that runs on compressed or liquefied natural gas. This research has the potential to reduce our fleets - and customers’ - energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

This is just one example of an ongoing R&D focused on:

  • energy efficiency of sites and fleet
  • vehicle and fleet efficiency
  • warehousing operations technology
  • trip planning systems.

At Toll we are committed to continuous improvement, and while we may not always get things right, learning from our mistakes is part of our progress.