Toll Helicopters

Helicopter Services

Toll is a leading provider of specialised mission-critical helicopter services to the government, resource and oil and gas sectors.

Our helicopter services can range from supporting large-scale integrated logistics operations in remote locations to providing passenger transfer services and emergency response for the oil and gas sector – onshore and offshore. We provide aeromedical evacuation services, search and rescue, police operations and aerial fire fighting with our fleet of fully-compliant twin engine helicopters.

Toll’s pilots, crewmen, engineering staff and operations management have extensive experience in a diverse range of operations and under challenging conditions including in remote, maritime and mountainous locations, in all weather conditions – day or night.

Our night vision and contingency capability are one of the most advanced and experienced currently available in the industry. So no matter what the location or mission, we have the systems and expertise to support you.

Our helicopter services include:

  • customer access to comprehensive planning and task risk assessment
  • specialist missions for both government and the private sector
  • long over-water mission specialists
  • support in remote locations using our multi-engine IFR NVG aircraft
  • mission critical flight operations including:
    • emergency medical services
    • search and rescue operations
    • covert policing operations
  • external load lifting operations
  • passenger transfer services
  • aerial fire fighting

Where we operate

We have operating approvals and capacity to operate across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Contact Us

Toll Remote Logistics Head Office

T+61 7 3339 6500

F+61 7 3339 6555

Level 9, 145 Eagle Street
Brisbane   QLD  4001