Scale model of Toll facility

Engineering Services

As logistics experts with our own extensive fleet of vehicles, aircraft and vessels with a network of facilities throughout the Asia Pacific region, we have core engineering competencies in several specialised areas.

We offer this engineering expertise to our customers - we can provide everything from planning and design through to construction and maintenance.

Toll’s specialised engineering services include:

Warehouse design and construction- we specialise in providing customised and category specific storage solutions for a broad range of industries. We can design and build a customise warehouse to meet your specific needs. We can also support your warehouse with facilities management services.

Marine engineering- as specialists in marine logistics across the Asia Pacific region, we’re experts at engineering, maintaining and repairing our own extensive fleet of vessels. We offer our marine engineering services to customers - we can conceptualise, design and build customised vessels that meet your specialised requirements. 

Camp design and construction- we deliver camp infrastructure in emerging markets and remote locations. We’re highly experienced in providing solutions for permanent, temporary and mobile camps - we can provide you with a complete camp infrastructure solution, from planning, design and construction through to camp management and shutdown.