Digital Mailroom

We can manage all of your traditional and electronic mail processing in the one system.

Our digital mailroom service can collect, open, scan, classify and distribute all your traditional and electronic mail to your appropriate departments, work queues or individuals.

We can help you transition from a traditional mail room to a digital straight-through process, delivering significant cost savings over manual processing.

Our Digital Mailroom service includes

  • Documents are opened, sorted, scanned and then exported electronically using:
    • Intelligent Document Recognition and capture including Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) – registration of mark sense objects (for example, bubbles and tick boxes)
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – recognition of machine-printed text
    • Intelligent Character Recognition (OMR) – recognition of hand-written text
    • Barcode Recognition – recognition of many types of. barcodes
  • electronic mail (emails, web forms) captured and routed appropriately through the one system
  • high volume applications
  • straight through processing of your document supply chain
  • archiving electronic documents into an indexed searchable format
  • audit reporting and tracking
  • business process enablement

Why use Toll’s Digital Mailroom?

  • We use leading Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) technologies.
  • We have a highly scalable solution - supporting a focus on innovation, improving customer satisfaction and reducing service delivery risks.
  • You gain improved efficiency by eliminating the majority of data entry tasks.
  • Cost effectiveness – independence from the constraints of paper allows users to process transactions anywhere.
  • We have a secure network and data centres - certified to connect to Australian Defence restricted network.
  • You’re covered by Toll’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.
  • You’re supported by dual data centre for redundancy - minimising service interruptions.

Contact us to move your business towards a digital mailroom. We will structure a transition plan to suit your business-specific requirements.

Where we operate

We offer digital mailroom services to customers across Australia.