Secure Digital Exchange

Data Encryption Services

In today’s data-driven digital age, information sharing is easier than ever before, but with this comes the challenge of information security and integrity.

As the evolution from traditional document exchanges and secure information sharing gathers pace, so do the challenges of maintaining the security of information. At Toll, keeping our customers’ information safe is an important part of our service delivery, through this we are now able to extend our service capability to offer a new generation of data security solutions that make sharing information safe and easy.

Our data encryption services are designed for flexibility, scalability and seamless integration. Our Secure Digital Exchange suite of services are powered by Egress, a leading provider of data security services, and include;

Secure Email & File Encryption Services

Email, while convenient and cost-effective can pose a serious data breach risk for organisations.

Secure Managed File Transfer

Transfer large amounts of encrypted data securely and easily with Toll’s Secure Managed File Transfer service.

Secure Digital Mailrooms

Secure Digital Mailrooms provide end-to-end data protection without compromising access to critical business mail

Secure Workspace

Share, edit, mark up sensitive information in a secure environment while maintaining control over data and documents.

Secure Web Forms

External parties can submit confidential information to your organisation via fully customisable web forms that protect and control sensitive data.

Customer Support

Resources to get your started with Secure Digital Exchange - our data encryption services

Licensing and Fees

Secure Digital Exchange is a flexible and scalable data security platform for enterprises, SMEs and even single users.