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Delivering to Consumers

Toll Consumer Delivery is the new parcel delivery service from Toll, delivering choice, flexibility and exceptional service to our customers. Toll’s value proposition is to enable online retailers to offer their end consumers choice and flexibility about when and where they want to receive their online purchases.

The popularity and convenience of online shopping means most of us have, at some point, shopped online or at least know someone who has. For online retailers, this exponential growth presents exciting opportunities.

With increased consumer demand and the advent of the global consumer, getting your products to your end customer can prove challenging. You need an efficient and reliable logistics partner – this is where Toll can help.

Toll Consumer Delivery – Choice and flexibility for an improved online shopping experience

Developed using our expertise in the logistics and retail industries together with a determination to improve consumer delivery experiences throughout Asia Pacific, Toll Consumer Delivery is a parcel delivery service for online retailers.

We’re driven by our relentless commitment to consumer experience and are focused on providing choice and flexibility through a variety of delivery solutions such as; SMS/email pre-delivery notifications, transit time and shipment tracking, delivery choices for speed and alternate delivery locations such as a local Collection Point.

We’ll help you design the solution you need to suit the needs of your customers and their lifestyles.

The Toll Consumer Delivery service capability includes:

  • Integrated network: synchronised connections of flights and line-hauls reducing time to destination.
  • Network advantage: overnight and economy express delivery you and your customers can rely on.
  • Inbound express: international delivery direct into each port, helping you reach your customers sooner.
  • Speed in the city: same day or on demand for when your customers want it fast.
  • Big & bulky: delivering the heavy, large and fragile items that others won’t.
  • Track & Trace: end-to-end parcel tracking along the way.
  • After hours: after hours and weekend deliveries for your customers convenience.
  • Collection Point: greater convenience for your customers with our collection points.
  • Get connected: everything from web-based platforms to full integration, we can help you get moving.

1Collection locations – Toll Depot, Neighbourhood deliveries, Storage locations, Bus interchange, Subway stations, Buildings / Malls
Delivery locations – Redirect to another local address, Authority to Leave shipment at designated area without signature (ATL)

Benefits of choosing Toll as your logistics partner

With more than 125 years of operational excellence in logistics, you can rest assured you have one of the industries heavyweights working with you.

We know just how important logistics is to your online retail business and want to be an integral part of your success - which is why, at Toll, we see our business as an extension of yours and will go the extra mile to support you in exceeding your customer expectations.

By choosing Toll as your trusted logistics partner, you can provide your customers with greater choice in their parcel delivery; an integral part of the overall online shopping experience; and importantly, adds to your brand integrity.

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