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Camp Infrastructure Services

We specialise in delivering camp infrastructure in emerging markets and remote locations.

Whether you need a permanent camp or a mobile one, in a remote location or a regional area, we’ll provide you with a complete camp infrastructure solution that is tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. With 20 years’ experience in delivering camp logistics solutions, we create efficient camp designs that maximise productivity and reduce costs.

Our end-to-end camp infrastructure services include:

  • planning
  • design
  • construction
  • camp management
  • camp shut downs

Our highly experienced team will manage local council, town planning, indigenous communities and other statutory requirements, minimising delays. And we’re able to accelerate build times by leveraging Toll’s global network to ensure infrastructure and equipment arrives on time regardless of location.

We can also support your camp with full camp services. 

We provide camp infrastructure solutions for:

  • Permanent camps suitable for long term or permanent projects. We can build, own and operate these camps.
  • Temporary camps to support 50 to 200 people, suitable for 1- 6 month projects. These are all above ground, with less onerous council requirements.
  • Mobile campsfor short term projects supporting up to 100 people. Our mobile camps are self-sufficient and can be deployed and made operational within a matter of hours.

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